Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Musings - July 22, 2013

1. During this week in 1969, two men from the United States became the first humans to set foot on the moon. Sadly, that is a feat we cannot replicate today. The U.S. is no longer capable of putting men into space, let alone sending them to the moon and returning them safely. How far we have fallen!

2. When you take a new car to the beach, the beach always remains in the new car afterwards. Your should see out new Highlander--and we have vacuumed it religiously.

3. Sunny afternoons and happy hour on the sandy beaches--what could be better?

4. When vacations end, they become fond memories of what could have been.

5. I continue to be amazed at the reaction to the Zimmerman verdict--it seems that some people in America would prefer vigilante justice to the rule of law and juries. Just because we may not agree with the verdict does not mean that the finding was wrong.

6. I saw the movie Red 2 -- Liked it a lot. Review coming later in the week.

7. What if you survived the crash of an airplane, but were subsequently killed by a first responder fire truck? That is just tragic.

8. Where is the happiest place on Earth? Some say Disney. I'll let you know, later in the week.

-- Bob Doan, writing form Jupiter, FL

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