Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Out the Condo Window - Jupiter, Florida

From our Bella Vista on the Park Condo
OK, this entry may be a bit late, given that I am already home and vacation is ended. But, I wanted to continue my look at life out of the window. The condo in Florida provided many more windows to choose from than a hotel room does--and so I chose this view because it contains water! A water view!

The water is a large pond (or is it a small lake) at the complex in which we stay while in Florida. Over the years I have watched the life surging around the pond, but this year I was disappointed to find the the friendly (or not so friendly) ducks and geese that used to live along the banks have been relocated. I like the thought of relocation better than the other option.

From this vantage point, which is really on the balcony, which if it were on the other side of the building would have an "ocean" view, I can see the heavy concrete tiles which form the hurricane resistant roof and I can remember looking down into the parking lot at our vehicle Cleo that in previous years would have been parked under a now removed palm tree.

Life goes on, I guess. Storms move through and it has been three years since we last stayed at this condo. I found many things have not changed--although I wish they would have changed. The condo internet connection is still DSL and it retains it charming Japanese decor including a kimono on the framed on the wall in one bedroom as well as a sign urging people to remove their shoes when the enter. Removing shoes is not a problem for me--I dislike wearing shoes anyway, preferring bare feet even during the winter season.

Most importantly in this image though are the palm trees. I love palm trees and want to plant one in Maryland. I noticed, during my last visit to Ocean City, MD, that one hotel had significantly large palm trees outside their beach entrance and I have surmised that the trees can survive if planted and not retained in pots. I think it would be awesome to line my drive with palms so I can have a perpetual Florida state of mind.

Through my pictures, and the as yet work in progress photo book, my vacation will live on. Soon though, it will be just a memory rather than something I did last week.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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