Friday, April 19, 2013

The Frustrating NFL--let it go!

It is still the first month of the major league baseball season and football will not go away. Even before the pennant races begin to take shape, I have to hear about the upcoming football season.

Do I really care, at this point, whether the Raven are the first Super Bowl winners to start the season on the road? No. It will be there when we get there. Football is not an everyday sport--it is an 18 week sprint that becomes all consuming. The schedule is out! There is a sense of drama for the thrill seekers in life.

If baseball players made the same money per game that league minimum rookie football players make, then the lowest paid baseball player would make $3.78 million! That is based upon the NFL leaguer rookie minimum of $420,000.

All this and football will not go away. Let baseball hold center stage fro a bit to enjoy some of the spotlight. I can actually afford to go to a few baseball games. One football game would cost more to attend than my season tickets to the Orioles!

I like football--but baseball is an everyday sport. Once a baseball game is over we spend a few hours analyzing it and then it is on to the next game. Football seemingly spends a week going over the game just played and then at the last minute turning attention to the game ahead.

There is a reason that Baseball is America's pastime!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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