Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Along the Roadside

Sometimes, as I am driving along almost mindlessly controlling the car and dreaming about things that I want to do or reflecting upon things I should have done, I get shocked back to reality about the circle of life.

No, it wasn't a particularly gruesome accident, like the one I passed last night just a mile from home in the middle of US 1.

I like birds--most of them anyway. Some of them are appointed to do jobs in nature that I would rather not think about. That is the scene I happened upon while rounding a clover leaf coming off a busy highway. Two, large, they are all large it seems, turkey vultures were alongside the off ramp, on the blind part of the curve, feasting upon the remains of some poor creature that was not able to safely cross the road.

It is a part of nature. Something needs to be there to clean up the remains of the unlucky. But to see the birds so close to the car--and they were fairly uncaring about the traffic as they tended to their job, was a sight that I don't usually witness. I see them soaring on the breeze or hanging out in a tree, but rarely if ever see them doing their jobs.

Can I fault them for doing what they were created to do? No. At least they know their jobs and they do them. They have a purpose--and they do it. Their survival depends upon being the clean-up crew of nature. Perhaps, I imagine, they even embrace their jobs.

If only people were so lucky to know their purpose and embrace their calling, no matter how it might appear to others.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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