Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Break STAY-cation

With the temperatures in the 20's to start the day most mornings this week and highs barely into the 50's some days and high 40's for others, my outdoors activities have been a bit limited. But today, the addition of some morning rain has helped the temperatures remain above freezing for the first time this week and looking at the forecast, I see, for the first time this year, a seven day period with no temperatures in below freezing and the first indication of 70's (Wednesday).

Because I did not head off to the land of warmer temperatures known as Florida, I did get a lot of projects done around the house to get ready for the warmer temperatures which are in the forecast. Yesterday, I even braved the cold and did a good deal of gardening including planting some grasses, two trees, and finishing the garden clean-up. Next up is the mulch! I'm thinking three yards this year.

It is good to take time off to do those projects for which there never seems to be enough time. Some nagging indoor projects were completed as well--for instance a broken shelf in one cabinet was repaired, the rope lights displaced by the winter storms were reattached,

I also assisted as a coach during Jax's first T-Ball practice. It was cold! Football weather not suitable for baseball, but the kids stuck it out like champs. Hopefully Saturday's practice is warmer and more Baseball-like.

Today, however, marks the end of the STAY-cation work and the beginning of the play portion. It is the home opener for the Orioles and that will consume most of my Friday. I hope to be in the crowd in the image by early afternoon. After a successful opening series, the Orioles return to Baltimore and I look forward to the greeting that they will receive.

Do I miss the thought of snorkeling or diving in Florida? Yes. But, that will wait for summer. Did I get everything done off my project list? No. I never rented either the chipper or log splitter--it was just too cold and the ground was too soft to have my truck and equipment driving around on it. More to do during the next couple of weeks.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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