Sunday, April 14, 2013

After the Party is Over

Yesterday marked the end of the family birthday season which began during late-September. We celebrate 11 birthdays during the seven month run--not to mention many more extended family and friend birthdays.

Tail end charlie, as we refer to him, is Ethan. We try to make his season ending birthday special and yesterday was no exception.

The day began on the ball fields--I was being an assistant coach for Jax's t-ball team, while Ethan was off to a lacrosse game. I was able to watch the second half of E's lacrosse and was very impressed. His team was playing on the main stadium field at Cardinal Spaulding--a long was from the back dirt lots of last year. Sadly, his team squandered a four goal lead and wound up scoring late to secure a tie. But he played well getting a few good stick checks and catching a ball on an attack. He is actually the player in the center, in green, mostly shadowed by the player in white. The sun was washing out my viewfinder so I didn't get a great shot.

Then, after a short break, the party convened--also wrapped around sports. The theme was Washington Redskins football and the family played a football game in which the birthday boy scored the winning touchdown during overtime to secure the victory.

The party has lots of food and munchies and was punctuated at the end with the Orioles defeating the Yankees!

It was a great sports and party day.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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