Sunday, April 28, 2013

"No New Taxes!" -- The dream and the reality

I remember those words uttered by then President George Bush (the first) which came back to haunt him when he actually had to raise taxes.

What I don't understand is that cry had changed for of our governmental bodies. Now I am hearing at every level of government our elected officials crying for "Let's find new taxes!".

Truly, I have heard about special taxes for certain sizes of soda, on square footage of billboards, and even now a new tax on rain, yes a Rain Tax--to name just a few. In addition to new taxes, I am being confronted with increased taxes on gasoline and even internet purchases and nearly every other of category in which I am taxed. Maryland already has a wine tax which is 3 percent higher than the sales tax.

Everywhere I look--taxes are increasing. And there are taxes on taxes, too.

What isn't increasing? My income.

At some point taxes are going to outstrip the ability to pay them. And the problem is that new taxes are everywhere and on everything.

The only good thing about new and increasing taxes?

I can't think of any thing good about increased taxes except they may be tax deductible--but by then the damage is done.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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Anonymous said...

a tax on a tax is called a fee here in NY

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