Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Musings--April 8, 2013

1. Beautiful days are upon us. I'm seeing forecasted temperatures in the 70's.
Orioles Park at Camden Yards, April 7, 2013
Me, Mom, and Dad

2. Afternoon baseball on a sunny day with my parents and wife. What could be better? Winning.

3. I am amazed how quickly our news media drops stories.

4. The weekend was a wasteland for my sports teams. The Orioles lost two and Syracuse was eliminated from the NCAA tournament after making the final four.

5. Spring Break is over. Ugh! I have to go back to work and face the world again.

6. According to my tax return, my income declined this past year but my taxes, health insurance, and cost of living increased. What is wrong with this picture?

7. I notice that gas prices are falling exactly at the same time that Maryland is planning to raise the gas tax. What a nice way to say thank-you to all of the citizens who have been suffering through rough economic times.

8. Full airline flights and small seats make passengers grumpy--so a study has found. Really? Anyone who flies knows that is true.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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