Saturday, March 29, 2008

Turbulent Week

Happy Easter--a week late. It has been a very busy week and among everything going on I really haven't had time to sit and even think about everything that has transpired. Actually, Easter Sunday was great, We had the entire family over for a classic steak dinner. The family is bigger than it was with the addition of Jax who was great all day.

Jax is doing great--he went to the cardiologist and the report was excellent. We are on the road to treating our little miracle baby as a little boy--who still is a miracle.

In amongst all of that, I played in a racquetball tournament a couple weeks ago and was eliminated in the semi-finals. I actually feel pretty good about that because I had moved up to the A division after winning the B division last fall. Racquetball has been one means to keep the stress away from everything going on.

And baseball season begins for me on Monday with Opening Day for the O's. Go O's. Spring begins with hope anew. I'm happy that Brian Roberts remains with the team--he is my favorite O. I know he'll probably be gone by mid-season, but I will still wear my Brian Roberts jersey to the games.
Let's go O's!

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