Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jax--Recovering and Getting Stronger

This is the tough little guy a day after surgery. He has his eyes open and is becoming aware of how much love and how many prayers have been sent his way. God is truly smiling in Jax and the whole family. In this picture he has the nasal cannula still in place and the great news of today is that it was removed and he is doing good without it.

He is eating better and he continues to get stronger. His kidneys continue to function with assistance of diuretics, and it appears he will be going home on diuretics.

We continue to thank God for all of you and your prayers. We continue to see the miracles that God is working in and through little Jax and we thank God for them. BTW, Jax is really cute and I got to hold him yesterday, for the first time since his surgery . He really is one tough little guy!

Please continue to pray for Jax's continued recovery and for strength for Nicole and Mike as they as shuttle between home and the hospital.

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