Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jax - Weekly Update

I can't believe he's been home a week already and that he is blending into the family. Jax truly is a miracle boy--and I continue to thank God for all of you and your prayers and support as Nicole, Mike, Ethan, Jax and our entire family have been going through this trying time.

But in some great news--yesterday Nicole had a professional photographer come to the her house to take some pictures. You can see them at pictures. They are great and for the not too squeamish, there is even a picture of little Jax's chest and you can see how quickly he is healing. It was only two weeks ago today that they performed surgery on that small miracle boy.

Everyone in the family was over to the house to celebrate Easter and it was good to have our larger family all under one roof--and not a hospital roof. It was a great day with great food and a strong, close family celebrating together the miracles of our Lord. We did an Easter Egg hunt with Ethan (maybe more than one) and he enjoyed having all of the falmily together. Ethan is all about family and he is growing so fast.

I continue to be amazed at all that has happened and been compressed into the short span of the last three weeks. The miracle of birth, a miracle surgery and recovery, support fomr family and friends, and the continuing presence of our Lord through it all. Wow.

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