Monday, March 17, 2008

Hey Gamma--it's me, Jackson

What a great day yesterday was for little Jax. Mid-day he had his nasal cannula removed and when we left the hospital last night about 10:30 pm he was still doing great. They actually took the tubes off him last evening while Chris and I were on hospital duty and so this is one of the first pictures little Jax as he begins to explore his world and be welcomed into the family unencumbered by breathing tubes and contraptions. He is still being monitored for heart rate and such, but those are much less invasive. He was alert for a long time last evening and he ate like a trooper--twice and he impressed his nurse with the amount he ate.

It is really a miracle how quickly Jax is recovering and every day is bringing more excitement about how well he is progressing. We thank God for his recovery and the prayers and support of everyone. Thanks. Today there is even a possibility that he may get to go home.

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