Monday, March 10, 2008

Jackson Gray and TAPVR

Well, it was a crazy weekend for my newest grandson. He did not get to come home Saturday or for that matter Sunday. He did not get to come home at all and in fact was transferred to another hospital last evening and is scheduled for open heart surgery tomorrow. Five days old and already going into surgery to save his life because his heart is not "plumbed" right. I don't even think he realizes how brave he is. I'm just amazed that God provided this little life into the hands of a bunch of novices and is expecting us to do the right thing for him. Thanks goodness we have a lot of help.

The doctors in their usual way are very reassuring, but still, its open heart surgery. Nothing is routine when you start talking open heart surgery. Nothing is simple and nothing is easy. Yet, God is bringing this clan into which Jackson Gray was born together and we are all rallying around him and each other. We are rallying around especially his mother and father. And our friends have been fantastic supporting us through their prayers, and thoughts, and even food! You realize how much good there is in the world and people when a crisis is at hand. Thanks to everyone! As one of my sons says: "That's how we roll!"

So what is TAPVR anyway? Check out the link and you will know more than you ever wanted to know.

Keep the prayers coming for the surgeons and the nurses that they will be instrumental in healing Jax and being instruments in making him strong and healthy. Pray for strength for his mom and dad and for all of us peace that God is in the driver seat. Pray for discernment. AND most of all--pray for Jax that God will heal him and help him fully recover so that he will have a healthy happy childhood and grow into a strong man of God!

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