Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jackson's Surgery - 11 March

The team assembled yesterday for an early morning surgery to correct Jackson's heart condition. His mom and dad arrived at the hospital about 0515 followed by Chris and I at about 0530. His other grandmother and one uncle arrived about 0545 and we all wished the young, brave child well and prayed over him as he was prepared for surgery. He finally departed for surgery between 0630 and 0700. Johns Hopkins is really an interesting hospital in that they wheeled him down the hall near where we were waiting for his ride to the surgical unit.

The hospital was great in providing periodic updates. By the time surgery ended, some five or so hours later and he was returned to his room, "Team Haslup" had fully assembled with, counting his parents, 14 persons in attendance with countless others connected by phone and email. It was an awesome outpouring of love and support for our six-day old "trooper." The operating room waiting room control person would not allow the entire assembly to park in the waiting room, so we split up between the waiting room and some chairs at the end of a hall. Patrick suggested T-shirts with "Team Haslup" on the front and "You Don't Know Jax" on the back.

The surgery went great by all accounts. There were no complications and Jax was wheeled by the Team and back to his room shortly before 1PM. His parents and everyone there was amazed by how strong he looked coming out of surgery and we praised God for the surgery and the doctors and asked for a speedy recovery for Jax so he can finally get started on learning how to live and grow and be a happy little boy.

I got to see Jax a couple times before we departed for the day about 4PM. He looked better and stronger every time I saw him. His color was good and even despite the bevy of wires and tube connected to him, he seemed comfortable and I know he is surrounded with the love and support of many, many people and his family.

Thank you to everyone who has been and who continue to pray for Jax: his surgery and recovery. Praise to God for showing His awesome mercy and love in this little miracle of life: Jax.

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