Sunday, January 5, 2014

Youth Basketball Opening Day

Brothers Together After the Games
Ethan On the Bench
I can tell that the Christmas season is ended because basketball season has begun. Yesterday was opening day for Ethan and Jackson.

Fortunately, both games were at the same time yesterday--which makes it a bit difficult to watch--especially when they are on the court at the same time as they were during the first half. At least the courts are next to each other.

Their teams have been practicing since early December.  Ethan participated in this league during the past few seasons, so we know the ropes.

This was Jackson's first foray into basketball. He has been playing soccer and most recently flag football--now for something different it is hoops!
Jax Taking it in

On an all too cold Saturday we entered out to enjoy sports in ins purest form, where winning isn't the only thing that matters, to abuse a quote from Vince Lombardi.

And, to document opening day, I made a video, too. The greatest moments of opening day.

Enjoy the games. I did.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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