Thursday, July 11, 2013

Two Times Per Day

Jupiter Beach morning July 10, 2013
Beach time is precious when on vacation, especially when the weather is threatening--like this weekends threat of a tropical storm. Yesterday was a twice on the beach day--morning and evening.

The day began with thick clouds hanging over the area--but no significant rain. A decision was made that "by golly we are on vacation to spend time on the beach and we are not going to let a few ominous clouds keep us from our goal. "
I Think Crabs on the Beach are Funny!

It was a great morning and early afternoon--even with the heavy clouds. The winds were light and the water warm resulting in a great beach experience. The clouds were constantly changing and provided an impressive display above the gray water crashing onto the beach. The surf was a bit rough--but fun to watch and enjoy.

Pelican in the Evening Sun
As Happy Hour arrived, the decision was made to head back to the beach. The clouds had broken and the skies were fairer. The decision was rewarded by calmer surf and that allowed for the first snorkeling excursion of the vacation. Although the waters were still cloudy, I enjoyed gliding over the rocks and spying many different fishes during a relatively short, thirty-minute swim.

Back on the beach, life was abounding from small land crabs to birds and of course Happy Hour. How can I not love being on the beach as the day draws to an end?

I dunno.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Jupiter, FL

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