Friday, July 26, 2013

Endings turing into Beginnings

The Flattest Atlantic Ocean of the Vacation
IT is here. My three plus week vacation is at an end. This morning will be my last sojourn to my favorite Florida beach for quite some time. There is some sadness when vacations draw to a close--but it isn't over yet!

Right. I still have a fifteen hour drive ahead of me to return to Maryland. That drive will begin during the wee hours of the morning and culminate, hopefully, with a triumphant return into the my driveway sometime during the late afternoon tomorrow. 

I have not missed much about being away, except for my dog, Makayla. Someday, I would like to bring her on vacation with me--but I will need to find a dog friendly place to rent. I have appreciated all of the help back home that those who could not join us here in Florida have done to keep things running, especially the struggles with the hot weather and the pool! Thanks guys for staying on top of that. I hope the cats got fed.
Sand Castle Creation

Today will be filled with beach followed by packing and car loading in preparation for departure. I fear we have accumulated more stuff than there is room for in the vehicle.

Yesterday's snorkeling was fabulous, as was the day before. Unfortunately it was the lobster mini season and there were a lot of other people in the water which drove many of the fish away, I think. I did run across two large barracuda and finally found one of the nurse sharks that I had been seeking. Actually, Nicole found it as we were cruising along the outer edges of the rocks. It was very well hidden. Why no pictures? I forgot to charge the battery on my underwater camera.

We even enjoyed a group effort sand castle building experience. With the help of Chris and I, Ethan and Jax created a fabulous sand castle on the beach. It was even reinforced with shells to repel attacking ghost crabs. We will look for the remains of the castle when we visit the beach today. 

 Last Happy Hour on the Beach with Nicole
Even so, during the late evening, we enjoyed our final Happy Hour together with Nicole, Mike, Ethan, and Jax on the beach. It was an idyllic evening with light winds, the flattest ocean of the entire vacation, and relaxed fun. The only reason we left the beach was because the parking lot closes promptly at sunset. 

The memories are fantastic. The sights have been grand. What more could I ask for, really? If I was on vacation every day it would not be a vacation, right?  OK--it might be called retirement!  Mmmmm, there is a thought.

Nah. It will be here soon enough and I need to do more preparation to make retirement as much fun as possible.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Jupiter, FL

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