Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Springtime Fizzles

It has been unseasonably cold the past couple weeks. Spring's arrival was supposed to shake the world free from the grasp of Winter. It has not been a clean break. Blizzards and mounting snows in the mid section of the country continue on what seems like an almost daily basis. Cold temperatures continue to rock the East. Even freezing temperatures continue in my personal mecca of Florida.

I have attending baseball games wearing winter coats trying to stave off frostbite and it has been too cold to even drink beer. I think the vendors would do better offering hot chocolate and coffee as the walk through the crowd.

Summertime is on deck. Literally. The geraniums have been planted in the planers, the pool is calling to me that it is time to be open. I mowed the lawn for the first time last weekend. This is the first year I that I can recall not mowing at least once during March and then continuing weekly mowings through April. The pool deck area has been prepared for relaxation--if only the temperatures would cooperate.

I hear even the cicadas are on deck waiting for warmer weather to emerge. Although, the cold has kept the mosquitos in check--and that is a good thing.

So, in my estimation, Springtime has fizzled. I got excited yesterday morning when the pre-dawn temperature was 45 degrees. It was ten degrees warmer than the previous two days and 25 degrees colder than it should be, in my mind. This morning, however, ground was lost as the predawn temperature was only 41 degrees.

I am waiting for the warm-up to begin so that outdoor activities can get into full swing. Today's high is expected to be 75 degrees.


Still waiting.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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