Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Day at the Ball Park

Orioles opening day was a huge success. The crowds for the pre-game festivities were crushing. We couldn't even get into Pickles--the wait to get in was longer than we had until game time.

We found a street party a few blocks away to celebrate before the game. When it was time we entered the ball park for the first time this year. The first time in the park every year is almost like coming home after being away for a long time. The last time I left, the Orioles had just defeated the hated team from up north in the Divisional Playoffs. That was during early October. It is now six months later and we are ready for another great ride.

The day could not have been more perfect. After a week of depressing weather forecasts for game time, the weather broke clear, cool, and magnificent. It was a glorious spring day in Baltimore when the birds return to their roost to hold court for the AL East.

Even in Camden Yards the crowds were crushing. The lines at the restrooms were almost non-stop and the lines for food and drink were even longer. All of Birdland, it seemed, showed up to celebrate the day and the team.

And the most impressive part of the day was the opening pitch. There wasn't one. The team chose to commemorate the late Earl Weaver with a silent opening pitch. Total class.

Opening Day 2013 Orioles Park at Camden Yards
The most exciting part of the day? Chris Davis' Grand Slam. How can you ever beat a Grand Slam to win the game?

BUCK-le Up!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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