Tuesday, December 21, 2021


 I got out Saturday for a bit to play some racquetball at the outdoor courts. 

I don't usually write of my exploits on the racquetball court but it had been a couple months since I last played and I have not been golfing either. My game was rough--but it always is rough anymore, I do not play enough since I only play outdoor courts and between the darkness, weather, and schedules finding a time to play has become increasingly difficult. 

It was a cool day and I believe I managed to acquire a head cold from the play--but, most importantly I had fun smacking the ball around the court. The courses at Atholton have been refurbished and it was nice to actually be able to see the ball in the corners. 

The first two games were, in a word, miserable. I lost the two games by a score of 30-8. If you know anything about racquetball you know that games are usually played to 15, so do the math, I sucked. There was one stretch across the two games where I gave up 16 straight points!

The last two games were better. We split--the games and the points. The combined score for the two games was 29-29.

A solid ending for my last racquetball outing of 2021.

One wonders what 2022 will bring?

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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