Friday, June 2, 2023

Motoring on the Chesapeake

Thomas Point Shoal Light
Chesapeake Bay
June 1, 2023

 It was an absolutely beautiful day for boating the Chesapeake. Chris and I procured a boat for the afternoon intending to share the experience with the family, but as life happened when the time came it was Chris, me, and Finnegan who got to enjoy an almost perfect boating day. 

The bay was almost flat and we were able to motor down the South River, from Liberty Marina, into the Bay and enjoyed a nice ride to Annapolis and then onward to the Bay Bridge. We motored up the river to the downtown Annapolis area, but decided not to tie up and walk the city. We saw the sights and maybe next time we will tie up at Pusser's for a meal. 

Chesapeake Bay Bridge
Chesapeake Bay
June 1, 2023
We discovered a couple of things on our trip. First, it is really hard to take pictures from a moving boat. Even when I cut the engine to idle, the undulating motion of the Bay really makes taking images tough. We also noted that I need to take an extra battery or a cable for my iPhone to support my navigation app.

One thing that we discovered yesterday was that the haze from the Canadian fires raging in Nova Scotia made it difficult to identify landmarks on the shoreline. It also made the multitude of freighters and tankers riding at anchor in the bay seem like a ghost fleet as they appeared out of the haze once we transitioned form South River into the Bay. 

Finn on the Bow in His Lifejacket
Chesapeake Bay
June 1, 2023
But as can be seen, aside from the haze, it was a nearly perfect boating day. I was able to use my nautical chart app on my iPhone to navigate to the places we wanted to visit. Even the bay bridge was invisible when we first motored into the bay, only later appearing out of the haze. It is so large that it seemed close when we first sighted it, yet still took a long time to actually pass under the spans.

Finnegan at times seemed to enjoy the trip, but he definitely did not like motoring through the wakes of other vessels. I admit, I sometimes didn't slow enough to minimize the crashing of the boat as we crossed the wakes because they did not seem as large as they actually were.

All-in-all, we had a great afternoon and successfully returned the boat to the marina without a scratch!

-- Bob Doan, Odenton, MD

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