Friday, June 9, 2023

Church at the end of the Road

Church at the end of the road
Odenton, MD
June 7, 2023

 I managed a bike ride the other day, before the air quality became dangerous to outdoors activity. I am expanding my network of roads and trails; exploring some of them to the end.

That is exactly what I found the other day as I rode down a dead-end road. I had checked the road out on my bike map and noted that a small church sat where the road ended. As I biked from the main road down this small paved road past the houses, I wondered how many other bikers had, like me, biked to the end of the road? It is mostly downhill, towards the river, and I began to wonder if I was going enjoy biking my way back to the main road. 

The church was how I imagined it to be: a small, active, country chapel, complete with a graveyard in back. The road ended abruptly at a pile of road fill preventing continuing onto the old roadbed which apparently was abandoned decades ago given the amount of debris.

I enjoyed biking around in front of the church and I believe that given its remote location I was probably being imaged as I rode my bike past the front doors being careful not to touch or disturb anything.  

The ride back up did not seem nearly as long as the ride down the hill to the church and it was not nearly as steep as I had feared. In just a few minutes, I was back on the main road and the trail after enjoying a short detour.

BTW, the air quality today is 70, down from 271 yesterday.

-- Bob Doan, Odenton, MD

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