Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Indicting a Criminal

 Chris and I spent a large portion yesterday's 15 hour drive from Odenton to Tequesta listening to news channels and staying on top of world developments including the criminal activities of our former president. 

Some of what I heard, the untruths and misleading statements from the mouths of congressional republicans, yesterday really upset me. 

Congressman Jim Jordan was heard to quote a law about Presidents being able to do essentially anything they want with classified documents. The chief problem with this argument is that while Trump was president when he slinked out of Washington to Florida with the documents, as soon as Biden was sworn in he no longer could hide behind that law and was duty-bound to return the documents, classified or not, to the archives. He chose not to return the documents and tried to hide them in an illegal effort to retain them.

But, here is the real funny part, if the republicans want to use that law, then they need to stop railing against Biden and other presidents for their mishandling of classified documents. They can't have it both ways.

The real part of the indictment, as I understand it all, is not that Trump had the documents but that he failed to return them when requested and subsequently allowed persons not authorized to access them. 

Let's get real about treating Trump like any other person in a similar situation. I hesitate to remind, but ANG Airman Jack Texeria did essentially the same thing that Trump did. Where is he today? According to NBC, Jack Texeria in being held in jail pending trial. What is Trump expected to do today? Leave Florida and go back to New Jersey for a campaign rally. 

If Trump were being treated like any other person where would he be after being indicted? He would be in jail.

The republicans are using smoke and mirrors to attempt to exonerate a criminal. Plan and simple.

And let me add fuel to the fire. Why has no other former president been indicted on Federal charges? Because Trump is the only one of who has demonstrated total disregard for the rule of law and the Constitution.

This is not a politically-motivated witch hunt, he is not a martyr, he is a criminal and must, finally, be held accountable for his actions.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

Note: Edits made at 0911 on 13 June re the documents transport to Florida

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