Thursday, June 22, 2023

Golfing in the Heat


Chris on the 12th Tee
Jupiter Dunes, FL
June 22, 2023
Chris and I could not resist yesterday. We had to get out and hit the golf course yesterday.

We managed to get out early, but it was still very hot and humid. By the time our round was over it was 87 degrees and the humidity was over 90 percent. Did I mention that we walk when we play this course? 

The course is undergoing summer upgrading. I know that sounds funny to golfers up north, but here in South Florida Summer is the low season and courses do their improvements. About half the course was undergoing Tee-box or green improvements. I had an unusually good round, for me. I mean really. I was just 15 over par, which is 3 strokes better than my bogie golf goal. The heat began to get to me at the end and I gave up a few strokes on the last couple holes. Chris also had a very good round. 

We were tired, hot, and more than ready to be done when I finally sank my putt on the 18th. But, we had finished the round and enjoyed our time together.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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