Friday, November 25, 2022

Woolly Worms and Predictions


Woolly Worm
Odenton, MD
November 23, 2022

Again this year I was confronted with an all black Woolly Worm, the predictor of a long and difficult winter.  Based upon recent experience and considering the terrible pre-Thanksgiving weather across the Great Lakes, I am guessing that this woolly worm is making an accurate prediction. 

It is interesting how we turn to animals to attempt to predict the upcoming weather patterns. As if they have any better idea than we about what is to come. We want to know the future, but are still surprised when it actually arrives. As an aside, officially and scientifically, an all black woolly worm does not really mean anything except it is possibly a different species. What a bummer. 

The weather he the past few days has actually been very nice and mild. I walked dogs outside without a coat on Thanksgiving morning. The sun was warm and enjoyable. I don't think the woolly worm predicted that nice weather. But I did enjoy it. 

Here is hoping that you had a nice Thanksgiving!

-- Bob Doan, Odenton, MD

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