Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Sailing, Storms, Sun


I was reminded that it is still November and that Hurricane Season does not end until the last day of the month. There is a potential hurricane headed for the area of Florida in which we reside and Chris and I are on a cruise ship in the Caribbean enjoying time away, yet very concerned about the possible hurricane. 

Yesterday we made our first visit to Half Moon Cay, a Holland America Line island in the Bahamas. It was an enjoyable day on the beach. It was bright and sunny. We dragged our snorkeling gear along to hopefully see some fish and ocean creatures, but the waters off the beach were devoid of life. As it turned out, we were snorkeling on the wrong side of the island. Of course, we found that out after returning to the ship. 

Chris on the Tender next to the Ship
Hold Moon Cay, Bahamas
November 7, 2022

We had to be tendered to the island, as the Nieuw Amsterdam is too large to to dock. That was a fun experience, one which we had not done in a few years. We were able to get a picture of Chris on the Tender and able to touch the hull of the Nieuw Amsterdam. I actually did touch the hull of the ship just before we pulled away for our day in the sun on the island. 

Chris with the Nieuw Amsterdam
Half Moon Cay
November 7, 2022

Thus far the trip has been enjoyable. We have an "At Sea Day" today which will allow us to further explore the ship and I am planning on hitting the gym this morning. We may enjoy a wine tasting this afternoon and then of course dinner and the night life. 

The ship did bring in the Ravens game last evening and I watched some of the 4th Quarter in my stateroom before turning in for the night. I was happy to see the Ravens managed to hold onto the victory. 

Regarding developing Tropical Storm Nicole, the course of the ship is to the south of the disturbance. We had some rough seas during the first night, but the Captain has avoided the storm and our track to our next port of call, Jamaica, is not being affected by the storm. Looking off my balcony, the seas are relatively calm as morning breaks over the Caribbean. 

There always has to be drama when we travel! I hope that the storm does not develop into a hurricane and that my well-prepared fellow Floridians can ride it out as it makes landfall in a couple of days. 

-- Bob Doan, somewhere in the Caribbean

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