Thursday, November 10, 2022

Jamaica from Horseback


Moon over the Caribbean
From the Nieuw Amsterdam
November 8, 2022

This morning finds Chris and I on our way to George Town, Grand Cayman. This ship will drop anchor in a few hours and we will once again explore the island and hopefully find some satisfying snorkeling along the Seven Mile Beach. Dawn is breaking behind the ship and I can see the lights of Grand Cayman in the distance. We continue to hope that our friends and neighbors back in Tequesta are surviving the hurricane without major damage.

Wine Tasting Event
Nieuw Amsterdam in the Caribbean
November 8, 2022

During a relaxing sea day on Tuesday, we enjoyed a wine tasting focused upon wines from the Northwest portion of the U.S. The wines were from California, Oregon, and Washington. The wines were excellent and we learned some important things about wine and food pairings. Yes, there is a lemon on the plate! It was an amazing pairing with the Riesling.

Chris and I on the Horses
November 10, 2022

Yesterday saw Chris and I in Jamaica for our first time ever. We decided to take a horseback ride to explore the countryside and the Caribbean Sea. The ride was very enjoyable and we got to see Jamaica first hand. I have to admit, some of it is not pretty. The horses and guides were great as was the ride down the path into the sea. We were not impressed, however, with the debris along the shoreline. There was not much of a beach, but the horses knew the route. We enjoyed chatting with our guides along the way and our trip was thoroughly documented in video and images. The day a perfect with clear skies and a nice breeze. After the riding experience we dod some obligatory shopping and I may have bought Chris a dress from one of the shops. Once back on the ship it was time for food, relaxation, and enjoyment. 

Thus far the trip has been blessed with near perfect weather! We avoided the storm and are enjoying relatively calm seas and light winds! Grand Cayman is coming into sight and we are expecting to drop anchor in just over an hour for another adventure!

-- Bob Doan, from the Caribbean Sea near Grand Cayman

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