Saturday, November 26, 2022

Axis & Allies 2022


The annual Black Friday Axis & Allies WW2 game was a success yesterday. This is something the family does annually and each year we find new strategies as we change countries. This year I was responsible for Japan. 

Japan is in a tough position in the game in that it has to keep the U.S. out of the Pacific and put pressure on Russia to help the Axis ally, Germany. I successfully sent the U.S. and British carrier battle groups to the bottom of the ocean on three major occasions and was beginning to pressure Russia by clearing China. We ended the game so we could watch the USA vs England World Cup match. My ally, who was managing both Germany and Italy was doing a great job as well. 

When we ended the game, we determined that the game was still even with advantage to the Axis.

Actually, in thinking back, the World Cup match ended much the same way--even with advantage U.S.

-- Bob Doan, Odenton, MD

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