Friday, November 11, 2022

Seven Miles of Beach


Mary and Chris Arriving in George Town
Grand Cayman
November 10, 2022

If it was Thursday, Chris and I must have been in Grand Cayman. And we were! 

Blessed again with beautiful weather we headed out for the famous Seven Mile Beach upon landing in George Town. Upon researching the options we decided upon a section of the beach known as Cemetery Beach--and upon arriving we understood the name as the beach is guarded by a large cemetery. We chose this section of the beach for the snorkeling opportunities.

And the snorkeling was in fact good, but the wind, current, waves, and distance from the shore to the good snorkeling made it a day for expert swimmers. The waters were full of small almost transparent jellyfish which because I wore a swim shirt did not affect my time in the water. I receive a small sting on my leg, but it was of no consequence. Chris was not so lucky. When we were headed out, and after seeing a very nice sized barracuda, she had one of the jellyfish roll down her arm stinging her the entire way. That ended her excursion into the water after only a few minutes. 

Lunch in George Town
Grand Cayman
November 10, 2022

We rode the public bus back to town and enjoyed a fried chicken lunch at a local establishment apparently not well known to tourists. We were the only ones there. It was good because we also got our first and only Country Music fix since departing Ft. Lauderdale. Country music is not played on the ship. It was a fun stop and we enjoyed a local beer, White Tip, which is named for a shark. 

Rainbow over Cruise Ship 
Grand Cayman
November 10, 2022

After lunch it was back to the ship. We had a mandatory 3:30 pm back on board time and it was about 2:30 when we returned after an enjoyable time in Grand Cayman. As the ship was preparing to depart its anchorage, a rainstorm arrived and I was greeted to an end-to-end rainbow which appeared to pass over one of the other cruise ships at anchor. 

It was a fun day and a great evening about our trusty ship.

Important Note: It is Veteran's Day. Thank a Veteran for their service to our nation!

-- Bob Doan, Caribbean Sea headed to Cozumel

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