Thursday, September 30, 2021

September's End

Wasn't Labor Day weekend just yesterday?

It seems as if September rocketed by like a supersonic jet aircraft. It was only just beginning; then it was gone. 

September was a busy month and its passing makes me a bit sad because with October's arrival we are now officially entering the dark season. I had to get the Halloween decorations out of the attic last evening. Chris and I have an agreement--no Halloween until the 1st of October. I need to enjoy the last vestiges of the Summer which has passed before focusing upon the multiple holidays and celebrations ahead. 

I did survive my birthday--thank you to all who sent me greetings. I appreciated each of them. 

Football season ihas arrived, baseball, thankfully, is ending and hockey and basketball will soon return. The progression continues. I have a dream that I could find the perfect day of the year and just live there. It would be in July, that much I know. 

I will enjoy this last day of September and relish the memories of the month and the summer which have passed. 

carpe diem

-- Bob Doan, ELkridge, MD

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