Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Pummeling the Earth with Rain


Hurricane Ida Cell Dumping
Elkridge, MD
September, 1 ,2021

As the new month dawned, I was awakened to the sound of thunder and flashes of lightening along with the rain banging against my window this morning.

The fury of the remnants of Hurricane Ida were upon us and the house was standing up to ferocity. 

Makayla had to go out and so I was forced to open the door and experience the cool, damp air and peer into the pounding rain. There was a small river running down the drive, as it always does when it rains here. 

We have another day of this weather. We did need the rain, but it is too bad the storm could not be sent to California to quench the fires there. 

Thoughts and prayers continue to go out to everyone in the path of this storm and especially those without power suffering in the heat of Louisiana.

-- Bob Doan, ELkridge, MD

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