Sunday, September 19, 2021

Party Hardy

The scene of the Party
Fulshear, TX
September 19, 2021
The scene is empty and quiet now. Yesterday it hosted a large family party. Mom and Dad were on hand to supervise, but the stars of the show were the kids. Evenly split: three boys and three girls. The pool was the centerpiece of the festivities early and the hot tub took over late as the adults enjoyed themselves and unwound after a hectic day.

Family gatherings are fun as everyone knows each other and relationships pick up where they left off. Yesterday was special in that regard as Chris and I were part of the fun reconnecting with the Houston clan and some newly arrived residents from the frozen wastelands of Central New York. 

The noise was at times deafening, but it was joyous noise. There was the obligatory broken glass to make the gathering perfect. Someone always seems to drop and break a glass at family gatherings. Pennie put together a spectacular feast and the beverages were flowing freely. But, no one over imbibed. 

Great parties are great fun. They also take a lot of work. Thanks to Pennie and Scott it was a rousing success.

— Bob Doan, Fulshear, TX

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