Thursday, September 23, 2021

Friday Eve Arrives Again

 The first full day of Autumn has arrived and it coincides with my weekly Friday Eve celebration. 

Looking at the autumnal leaves which have been blown from the trees by the storms which have been passing through the region, I am very happy that I had closed the pool so that I do not have to clear the mess. The arrival of Autumn makes me wish that I could have a lanai over my pool, like as in Florida. That would allow me to keep the pool open longer--but, the leaves are a great deterrent to a longer pool season.

Even in Texas, as I was there this past weekend, the municipal pools close during the early portion of September. And now, September is drawing to a close and October is just a week away. The months are accelerating their pace it seems. 

I realized how quickly the summer passed yesterday when my allergist asked me how my golf game was going. We always speak about golf as it is more interesting than my allergies. I responded to him that I had not been playing much because I have been so busy with baseball and travel. And it is true. My recent handicap revision based upon a couple of "not my best rounds" due to lack of consistent play increased two points. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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