Tuesday, September 28, 2021

6 More

There are but six games remaining in the disastrous Orioles season. The Orioles are tied for the worst recored in all of Major League Baseball at 50-106. If this were the Premier League, they would be facing relegation--and deservedly so--they have been the worst team in baseball for too long.

This is supposed to be a rebuilding period, but it seems to be a "no" building period. The worst team in Orioles history, and the last one with veterans to take the blame were the 2018 Orioles who finished at 47-115. AN embarrassment. Upon entering the official team rebuilding or retooling, it has not become much better. 

Since then:

2019: 54-108

2020: 25-35

Not a team that is getting any better. 

It is very difficult to want to go to the games to see a team that is so poorly performing. 

Well, there is always next season. But, is there, really?

I will visit Sarasota during the Spring and see the team at least once. It is an over 3 hour drive, so there may be an overnight in there somewhere as well. Maybe, just maybe next season the real Orioles will emerge and we can stop calling them the baby-Birds.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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