Friday, November 6, 2020

Waiting for the White Smoke


Fact versus fiction. 

White Smoke from Sistine Chapel
Announcing Election of a New Pope

Reality versus myth.

Truth versus lie.

I wrote on Election Day that the true colors of the candidates will be shown.

And that statement has come true.

Joe Biden, in the days since Election Day has busied himself by becoming even more involved in the pandemic and in preparing to transition the country, should he be confirmed as president.

The President, sadly, has continued to obstruct, obfuscate, threaten, and litigate the will of the American people.

It is really very simple--let all the votes be counted. 

Losing sucks--I get that. I hate losing, but I have learned in life that we win, we lose, and we draw; but we should act with grace and civility at all times.

I watched the address to America given by both men. Joe Biden provided hope and a call for calm.

The president, conversely was sowing seeds of discord and imputing the character of the people monitoring the process to ensure that the will of the American people is heard. What he said has even been called seditious.

Today we may finally get definitive news about the presidential election, it is much like waiting for the white smoke from the Sistine Chapel to announce the election of a new Pope.  

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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