Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Terrific Tuesday: Election Day 2020


It is go time America!

Take a deep breath--it is going be a long night, possibly a long week. Maybe we will know who will be standing on the Dias on January 20, 2021 by early morning tomorrow. Possibly not. 

I want to write about the American electorate. 

I believe in America and the electorate and the voters. I believe that people want truth, science, and peace. People know right from wrong. People who want to live in peace and trust their elected leaders.

Today the true colors of the candidates will be shown and while we continue to display our country as red or blue states, the next president will have the job of gluing the country back into the red, white, and blue.

I have been involved in many discussions this election season about America and the direction that I believe we need to take this country. I have been vociferous in my defense of my beliefs and I know that in more than one case, I pushed the conversation a bit too far. Yes, it is an emotional issue with me. I love this country. I have worked my entire adult life for this country and for the Constitution. 

I spent a lot of time developing a prediction both for the Electoral College and the popular vote percentages for the two candidates. But, I am not comfortable sharing my predictions in the broken, dysfunctional, emotionally charged environment that has become these United States. I have a map and have looked at the polls--many polls, for almost every state. I will be tracking my prediction through the night to see how well, based upon the information available to me, that I did.

But predictions are just that--the game still needs to be played. And so, today, America, we stand on the field of the future. I cannot remember an election since the mid-60's where so much is at stake and the choices are so different. 

One Facebook correspondent, a former neighbor and a friend, admonished me that I will be surprised tonight that I am in a minority. I wanted to quote him directly, but apparently his comments were removed from the Facebook thread we were discussing. 

I hope that I am surprised tonight! In a good way. I am weary of the pessimism that has gripped our country because our leaders--in the Executive Branch and The Congress have abrogated their responsibilities. 

And I reiterated one more time: VOTE! It is the only way that we can make our collective voices heard.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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