Sunday, November 22, 2020

Serene Sunday - November 2020


Today I will take a day off from publishing provocative blogs and write about yesterday's activity. Of course, today is Sunday and that means the NFL will be playing and distracting many people--in a good way, I hope. 

Snow Village 2020

Yesterday was a particularly nice day to work outdoors. Chris and I got the remainder of the outdoors Christmas decorations set up and worked a bit on the Snow Village. This year will be the first for the Snow Village in a number of years. We are setting it up in multiple scenes. 

Elkridge, MD
November 21, 2020
While we were working outside, Makayla decided to sit in the yard a be pretty. She was definitely worth a picture. She enjoyed being outside on a beautiful day and she stayed right in the area. I believe that, more and more, she just wants to be with us.

We also managed to go for a walk and went out to do some shopping. We actually drove the Jag for the first time in a while. We kept the top up, but enjoyed the drive. It needs to stretch its wheels every so often. 

I am looking forward to golfing this morning and stretching my legs on the links, but the weather is more gray and cooler than yesterday. 

It is the weekend during a pandemic, however. So stay safe whatever you do.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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