Sunday, November 29, 2020

It Didn't Disappear


I remember the President and many Republicans asserting that COVID-19 would disappear right after the election on November 3rd. Their assertion was that the pandemic was the creation of the Democrats and it was a hoax.

How I wish they would have been right, but wishful thinking and professing an alternate reality does not work. Reality is, after all, real and as a country we are fully suffering unchecked pandemic. Americans are getting infected at ever increasing rates and people are dying. 

As much as we have been trying to cover up the facts and hope that they will get better, the inaction of the current, and fortunately outgoing, administration has only let the virus run roughshod over the American public. Instead of disputing the election results in the courts the administration should be focusing its efforts upon fighting the coronavirus in the streets.

And now the reality of the pandemic is hitting the NFL squarely. A headline in USAToday reports:

The NFL has officially reached its COVID tipping point

The article in USA Today begins:

It was bound to happen, as the last vestiges of the Trump administration continued to ignore a pandemic that moves unabated among us.

It was bound to happen, as various state governors ignored and dismissed mask mandates that would have helped.

It was bound to happen, as the NFL tried to balance a responsible position on COVID while keeping the games going on a no-matter-what basis.

Football is succumbing to the virus at an incredible rate. As teams begins to play their 11th game of the season, it is becoming difficult to field a complete roster for some teams. 

The Ravens and the Steelers, who are scheduled to meet Tuesday night after having their Thursday game rescheduled twice, now have 25 players on the reserve/COVID roster. There is a good chance this game may never be played.

But wait, there's more:

The Broncos do not have an NFL experienced quarterback for today's game. all four of their quarterbacks were placed on the reserve/COVIS roster.

The 49ers may no be able to play their next two home games due to COVID-19 restrictions regarding their stadium.

COVID-19 is real. 

Act like it!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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