Thursday, November 5, 2020

Thankful Thursday - Waiting is hard

 We are an impatient society.

I am impatient, just ask my wife. She will tell you stories of how I rail against the things like the channel changer for being so slow to change channels after I push the buttons. I even get impatient with Alexa and Siri for taking a couple seconds to answer when I summon them for a task.

So understand my discontent when I went to bed last night with the Electoral College vote at 253-213 and it was the same when I woke this morning.

There was not a lot of movement in the numbers overnight and collectively we are still watching for returns in Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia to help determine who will be inaugurated as president in January.

I admit--I'm impatient. But, I recognize that careful diligence is required right now in order to ensure the results are properly and accurately tabulated. 

These states are not an anomaly! 

I looked this morning and here are the vote count percentages for some states which have already been decided:

New York - 78 percent

Maryland - 73 percent

Colorado - 90 percent

Illinois - 88 percent

So the point I am making is that the states we are watching are under a microscope--but they are conducting their process much like many other states. They are not slow--but they are diligent.

And we must wait!

Enjoy the the time.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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