Saturday, August 8, 2020

Something had to be said

Yesterday I wrote about the unfounded libelous statements that the president uttered at a rally.

By not responding in kind, the target of those statements, Joe Biden, took the moral highroad--something which we have not seen often lately. It seems that our leaders have lost civility. For some reason verbal exchanges are usually 
laced with invectives.

And so, I was encouraged yesterday when I read how the Democratic presumptive nominee responded to the despicable remarks made about him. His eloquent response gives me hope that should he be elected some measure of honor and civility will be restored to the Office of the President and also to our nation.

We should not elect people to office solely on their words or phrases, but understanding the difference between fact and fiction, real and imagined, and then being compassionate for the people of our great nation certainly is a good start.

Here is the response that Joe Biden made to the president's allegations:

"Like so many people, my faith has been the bedrock foundation of my life: it's provided me comfort in moments of loss and tragedy, it's kept me grounded and humbled in times of triumph and joy. And in this moment of darkness for our country — of pain, of division, and of sickness for so many Americans — my faith has been a guiding light for me and a constant reminder of the fundamental dignity and humanity that God has bestowed upon all of us," Biden said.
"For President Trump to attack my faith is shameful. It's beneath the office he holds and it's beneath the dignity the American people so rightly expect and deserve from their leaders," he added. (Biden calls Trump's 'hurt God' attack 'shameful' - CNN)
It is important to take a deeper look at some of what the president said in his remarks. One allegation that caught my attention was "Hurt the bible, hurt God."  Only a person who uses the Bible for decoration would say something like that about another person. It is an allegation with eternal consequences. And why did the Second Amendment to the Constitution come up again? Is it because the president still believes that only people excising their Second Amendment rights have First Amendment rights? 
Yet, these inflammatory statements resound with many in the electorate. I do not approve of thuggish untruths. But, apparently that is just me.
Something had to be said and something needs to be done--in November!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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