Monday, August 3, 2020

Monday Musings - August 3, 2020

1. It is the first Monday of August. Wow! Where is the year going?

2. How about the Orioles? They currently have the third best record in the American League! I never saw that coming! Maybe there is hope for the rebuild.

3. Did you note the the two astronauts deorbited yesterday and landed in the Gulf of Mexico completing the first water landing for U.S. astronauts since 1975!

4. The hurricane passed over our condo in Florida with relatively little damage. Our recently installed new hurricane shutters were successfully used for the first time. Now, the rain and winds are headed our way!

Dawn over the Beach
Ocean City, MD
July 30, 2020
5. I enjoyed a sunrise on the beach last week while visiting Ocean City, MD. There is something that excites me about looking out at the dawning day and thinking of the possibilities. Of course, on that day I went to play golf, but the golf course played me. 

6. Although the summer continues for another 50 days, I have already begun to notice that the sun is rising later and setting earlier. 

7. I enjoyed a five hour drive yesterday and my take-away is that a discrete subset of drivers are determined to ignore safety and speed as fast as they can. I am not a slow driver and at time I felt as if a Formula 1 car was passing me on the racetrack.

8. Today in History. On August 3, 1958, the U.S. nuclear submarine Nautilus accomplishes the first undersea voyage to the geographic North Pole. The world’s first nuclear submarine, the Nautilus dived at Point Barrow, Alaska, and traveled nearly 1,000 miles under the Arctic ice cap to reach the top of the world. It then steamed on to Iceland, pioneering a new and shorter route from the Pacific to the Atlantic and Europe.

Birx Warns That U.S. Epidemic Is in a ‘New Phase’Birx Warns That U.S. Epidemic Is in a ‘New Phase’ - The New York Times

‘Thanks for Flying SpaceX’: NASA Astronauts Safely Splash Down - The New York Times

Microsoft Aims for a Deal to Buy TikTok’s U.S. Business - The Wall Street Journal

Luxury Department Store Lord & Taylor Files for Bankruptcy - The Wall Street Journal

Changes Coming to Baseball’s Health Protocols After Outbreaks - The Wall Street Journal

Isaias scrapes Florida, set to unleash heavy rain along East Coast - The Washington Post

The Lincoln Project’s plan to save the union: Drive Trump out of office by driving him nuts - The Washington Post

Singapore to make travellers wear electronic tags to enforce quarantine - Reuters

Divisive Trump nominee gets new Pentagon post, despite snub by Congress - Reuters

Ronald Reagan Quote for the Week

The choices this year are not just between two different personalities or between two political parties. They're between two different visions of the future, two fundamentally different ways of governing -- their government of pessimism, fear, and limits, or ours of hope, confidence, and growth.
Their government sees people only as members of groups; ours serves all the people of America as individuals. Theirs lives in the past, seeking to apply the old and failed policies to an era that has passed them by. Ours learns from the past and strives to change by boldly charting a new course for the future. Theirs lives by promises, the bigger, the better. We offer proven, workable answers. 
Remarks Accepting the Presidential Nomination at the Republican National Convention in Dallas, Texas, August 23, 1984

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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