Friday, August 14, 2020

Life in a Fish Tank

Cichlid Fish Tank
Odenton, MD
August 12, 2020

I visited my youngest son and his friends for dinner the other night. It was a great dinner and the discussion was fantastic as well. But, one of the major new changes in the house since my last visit was the relocation of his fish tank. 
I enjoyed looking at the tank and the fish. He collects cichlids. The tank is awesome and I snapped this one shot. 
Life in a fish tank! Sometimes that is how I feel. 
Life in a fish tank is not the peaceful placid existence that I like to think about. Fish are attacked by other fish and die. If disease gets into the tank, all of the fish can die. It would be akin to a pandemic. The owner of the tank is responsible for everything to keep the tank clean, healthy, and free of disease. 
I am glad that I do not live in a fish tank, but life under the pandemic has similarities. I just hope the people in charge start doing something to stem the spread of the virus, soon, before there entire tank dies.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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