Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Baseball Resumes

Jax Pitching for Severn
Severn, MD
August 24, 2020
Last evening I attended my first youth baseball game of the year! It was an event that was supposed to have happened during March, but which was delayed due to coronavirus. 
Jax Finishing a Pitch
Severn, MD
August 24, 2020

Much has changed since March. I am no longer coaching and Jax has moved to a 13U Team and is now playing for Severn, in a red uniform. The game last evening was a scrimmage and Jax had a good night. The 90 foot bases and longer distance to the mound really changed things. It slows the running game down a lot. 

It felt strange to be watching the game from off the field rather than participating in the game from the dugout and third base. But, that is what the game is about growing up and playing at higher levels. 

Last evening's game caused me to think back to the winter workouts that our team had getting ready for a Spring season that was canceled due to coronavirus. So many lost innings. It hurt the development of all of the players not to have the season and I could see it in some of the players last night. 

The game had some drama last night. There was an infield fly that resulted in two outs with a runner caught stealing. There were a few dropped and misplayed balls, unfortunately during the inning that Jax pitched, which resulted in the game being lost although there were no earned runs scored. 

It was good to be out under the lights watching live baseball. If only they could do something about the bugs! But that is a story for another time.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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