Saturday, August 22, 2020

Mantis at the Door

Donald the Mantis (Taken in the Evening)
Elkridge, MD
August 20, 2020
We have a new member of the family. It has taken residence just outside the front door in the fern. 

Well, calling it a member of the family may be a stretch, but we look for it every time we pass the fern which sits right outside of the door. It is a mantis--I believe it to be a European Mantis, one of the four types of mantis indigenous to the area, but it is hard to truly identify the variety so it is more of a guess rather than a definitive identification. I also believe, because of its slender profile, that it is a male, but I have not picked it up to count the segments on its underside. Males often meet with a tragic demise after mating, so I hope that he is one of the lucky ones.

Mantis Believed to be Donald
Elkridge, MD
July 28, 2020
Chris and I have become very adept at finding him and we have named him Donald, in the fern. It actually is pretty easy because his body is the only straight object in the plant and he is usually near the top right under one of the fonds. 

I first saw the mantis that I believe to be Donald, on July 28th. It was in the corner of the porch right above the fern where it has apparently taken residence. Chris and I have watched its color change overtime as it adapted to its new home. For the most part, the mantis does not mind our occasional visits although last evening as Chris, Patrick, and I stood on the porch near the fern talking for a bit after identifying George's location, it did become a bit agitated. But, it did not change its location before we said good-bye and moved away. 

The really good part is that we know we do not need to use any insecticide, the mantis will eat all of the bugs.

I actually enjoy knowing that Donald is on guard at the front door. I guess it is a guard mantis!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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