Tuesday, October 29, 2019

We the People--A Scary Revelation

We the People--

I read a very scary statistic the other day about Americans. Here is a headline from The Daily Mail:

Majority of Americans want to change the First Amendment: Study found that people want JAIL TIME for hate speech as they call for updates to 200-year-old law 'to reflect cultural norms of today'

This is a very concerning report. 

The Washington Free Beacon also carried an article, extensively quoted in the one above titled:

Why would we want to willingly give up our right to Free Speech and a Free Press? 

These seem to me the two major items in the article. 

I am very concerned.

Too many Americans have fought and died for our freedoms, and among them are the rights to Free Speech and a Free Press. I do not understand why we believe that because these freedoms are abused by a minority of people that these rights should be abridged. Who will then become the anointed protector of the rights and the ultimate decision maker regarding approved Free Speech? 

China is an example of a place where the freedoms that we enjoy and take for granted are not allowed. The government controls all access to the news and the internet. People are not allowed to freely express their views and especially cannot openly disagree with the government. These freedoms are what the protests in Hong Kong are futilely trying to protect.

Just because we don't agree with something that someone says or writes does not mean that we should legislate against freedom of speech or the press.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, Md

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