Friday, October 25, 2019

Getting Ready for the Winter

Winter is coming, of that I am sure. 

Firewood for the Winter
Stacked Lovingly by Chris
October 24, 2019
Last evening our neighbor reminded Chris and I that Thanksgiving is only about four weeks away. In reality it is five weeks until Thanksgiving, but the message was clearly received. During the time between now and then the leaves will completely fall from the trees, darkness will arrive earlier and earlier, the temperatures will plummet, and we will have a killing frost, or more. 

Not a very pleasant period to anticipate.

We are getting ready for the dark and cold days. We ordered our firewood for the season. Split and ready for stacking. Chris took it upon herself to stack the entire half-cord herself rather than waiting for me to come home from work. She did a great job and while I am very thankful that she did it, I would have preferred to help her. But it is done and a big thanks to Chris for her hard work. 

While we do not burn wood as our primary heat source during the winter, we use it in the fireplace to heat the family room and kitchen up to toasty warm temperatures. There is something nostalgic about a roaring fire on a cold and snowy day. 

Did I actually write that word? Well, as least we are ready, because we all know that it is coming.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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