Thursday, October 3, 2019

Last Gasp

Summer does not realize that its run is over. Yesterday saw a new high set in Baltimore. The high temperature yesterday was 95 degrees eclipsing the previous high by 3 degrees. Summer is still here. It was the hottest October day since they began keeping records in 1872.

We enjoyed baseball practice last evening in the heat. While the boys withered a bit while working out, but I enjoy practice in the heat far better than in cold weather. I remember last April when the temperatures were in the 30's--it is hard to concentrate. 

The weather reporters are forecasting that Autumn is on its way. they are saying cod front is on its way and Saturday morning the forecast is for lows in the mid-40's. Now that is cold. 

I suppose that yesterday's temperatures are summer's last gasp. Today is supposed be in the 70's. Over 20 degrees cooler than yesterday's high. It is 77 degrees right now but the cold front is on its way and the temperatures will drop. 

On the weather front--we really could use some rain. But I am sure that will come and then I will complain.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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