Monday, October 21, 2019

Monday Musings - October 21. 2019

1. Welcome to the third Monday of October. It is the middle of the month. We are headed into November in 10 short days. There are 71 days remaining in 2019.

2. It rained all day yesterday. That was good, except it took me over two hours to cross the Bay Bridge on my way home from a winery. 

3. Family NFL Report:

    Redskins lose to 49ers 0-9
    Ravens defeat Seahawks 30-16
    Cowboys defeat Eagles 37-10
    Steelers did not play

Great Shoals Cellars Tasting Room
St Michaels, MD
October 20, 2019
4. Chris and I did a day trip to the Eastern Shore yesterday to visit two wineries, Great Shoals Cellars and St Michaels Winery. We enjoyed our day; however, that almost two hours we were in traffic to cross back over the Bay Bridge were a bit excessive. Maryland really needs to do something about the bridge. 

Around the Fire Pit
Elkridge, MD
October 19, 2019
5. It rained all day yesterday. We need the rain, but is did put a damper on outdoors activity. We received a lot of rain--much needed rain. Saturday evening, however, Chris and I were able to enjoy a nice fire and some wine in advance of the onset of the storms. 

6. The GORC 12U Cooperstown team had a good practice on Saturday. We were fortunate not to have a game scheduled for Sunday--it would have been rained out. The team is off to Hershey, PA, for a tournament on Saturday. We are guaranteed three games. Two on Saturday and one on Sunday. We continue to play games as long as we win on Sunday. 

7. Today in History. On October 21, 1959, on New York City’s Fifth Avenue, thousands of people line up outside a bizarrely shaped white concrete building that resembled a giant upside-down cupcake. It was opening day at the new Guggenheim Museum, home to one of the world’s top collections of contemporary art. Mining tycoon Solomon R. Guggenheim began collecting art seriously when he retired in the 1930s. With the help of Hilla Rebay, a German baroness and artist, Guggenheim displayed his purchases for the first time in 1939 in a former car showroom in New York. Within a few years, the collection—including works by Vasily Kandinsky, Paul Klee and Marc Chagall—had outgrown the small space. In 1943, Rebay contacted architect Frank Lloyd Wright and asked him to take on the work of designing not just a museum, but a “temple of spirit,” where people would learn to see art in a new way.


As U.S. Leaves Allies in Syria, Kurdish Commander Struggles With FalloutAs U.S. Leaves Allies in Syria,  - The New York Times

Despite Failures, Boris Johnson Is in Striking Distance of Brexit SuccessDespite Failures, - The New York Times

 Qantas tests world's longest commercial flight from New York to Sydney - Reuters

North Korea says U.S., South Korea must present new solutions for conflict - Reuters

Ronald Reagan Quote for the Week

Some Americans think that Europeans are too little concerned for their own security. Some would unilaterally reduce the number of American troops deployed in Europe. And in Europe itself, we hear the idea that the American presence, rather than contributing to peace, either has no deterrent value or actually increases the risk that our Allies may be attacked.
These arguments ignore both the history and the reality of the transatlantic coalition. Let me assure you that the American commitment to Europe remains steady and strong. Europe's shores are our shores. Europe's borders are our borders. And we will stand with you in defense of our heritage of liberty and dignity.
The American people recognize Europe's substantial contributions to our joint security. Nowhere is that contribution more evident than here in the Federal Republic. German citizens host the forces of six nations. German soliders and reservists provide the backbone of NATO's conventional deterrent in the heartland of Europe. Your Bundeswehr is a model for the integration of defense needs with a democratic way of life, and you have not shrunk from the heavy responsibility of accepting the nuclear forces necessary for deterrence.
  -- Address Before the Bundestag in Bonn, Federal Republic of Germany, June 9, 1982 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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