Friday, October 26, 2018

What Happened to Kinder and Gentler?

A new paradigm has been created in America during the past two or so years. People who offer differing thoughts and ideas are being vilified.

I see it in the political ads on television. I saw one last night that so repulsed me that I am seriously considering changing my party affiliation. The ad stopped just short of characterizing the opposition as enemies of the state.

It is appalling the amount of fear and hate mongering that many of the campaign ads are pushing this year. Our society, encouraged by the current administration, has become sadly polarized and that is unhealthy. The ability to engage in healthy discourse about issues has eroded and we are being forced into a single and unhealthy view of the world.

That is wrong. The problems our country and the world face require thoughtful consideration and discussion. No one person has the answers to the problems and even then, there are multiple sequences and branches that need to be considered and explored.

The recent spate of explosive devices that have been apparently mailed arounds the country to those who voice differences of opinion from the current administration are a symptom of the larger problem of intolerance. Violence against the opposition is encouraged and condoned by the lack of condemnation coming from the highest levels of our government.

The Brave New World is very scary.

Is America still the shining beacon of light for the world?

If what is happening in America today is not enough reason to get out and vote in the mid-Term elections, then I do not know what is!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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