Friday, October 5, 2018

Seven-Day Weekend

What do you get when you combine a four day get-away with a three-day holiday weekend? 

Dawn Arrives
October 5, 2018
A seven-day weekend of course.

It seems strange to think about it, but getting seven days off for the price of four vacation days is not a bad deal, especially when my annual summer vacation was only one and not the usual two weeks long.

Looking at the seven days in discrete sections makes the time off even more appealing. I have loosely broken it into four days away leaving three days for projects and golf.

Grape Press in Operation
October 4, 2018
Yes, I have a tee time for tomorrow. I am playing a lot less golf this year than last through no fault of my own. The weather has been horrid, but I expect to be playing golf into December this year if the snow holds off.

I can't even believe I just wrote that word in an October blog post.

I am sitting here watching the sunrise again. IT is far different this morning. The sky is clear and there are fewer clouds to make it a interesting as yesterday, but the whole horizon is involved in celebrating the dawning of another day. 

A Tilted Shack on a Beach
From Radio Flyer
October 4, 2018
Yesterday was fun as we checked out some wineries and enjoyed watching tons of grapes being poured into a press to extract the juice which is then musk and will eventually become wine. It is easy to forget that wine production is agriculture until seeing the process up close and personal.

We leave later this morning to return to the crushing pace of life at home. The week ahead, after the Columbus Holiday, weekend holds some new beginnings. Having had my birthday just a week and a half ago, I am hoping that my 64th year is a lot better than my 63rd. Remember, we celebrate birthdays at the end of the year and so we are always working on the next one-up year until we have our birthday and then we start all over again.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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